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18th of November 2018

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Your Daily Horoscope for August 20 , 2018  

It’s a day where a reoccurring matter could bubble up in the context of a subtly pessimistic vibe. Indirect planetary aspects may reveal a course of action that you hadn’t considered, but in a way that makes it look harder or trickier than it needs to be. Filtering out a gloomy opinion may be the first step forward!   

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About Today: August 20 , 2018   Celebrities born on: August 20 Bree Miller, Al Roker, Fred Durst, James Marsters, Connie Chung, Courtney Gibbs, Isaac Hayes, Robert Plant  -->  Search Celebrity Index

Celebrity Astro Gossip: Chloe Moretz is rapidly becoming one of the most bankable stars around and she hasn’t even turned twenty yet! The planets tell us that Chloe will keep her feet firmly on the ground and so is highly unlikely to suffer any career damaging scandals in the next few years, in fact things are going to just keep getting better for Chloe!

For those of us born on: August 20 Happy Birthday! The months ahead are likely to start on a strong, financial note that will come after a brief period of minor money fluctuations. The Christmas spirit shouldn’t pose too many problems for you if you start saving now. After the New Year, from January through to March, you can expect romance to take off in a big way. April may see you going through a very dynamic phase. May could bring some exciting new opportunities in terms of your relationships: this will be a time when you meet new people who could remain in your life for many years, but you might have to make the first move. June might be a challenging month, with you needing to balance key areas of your life, but the pressures will gradually ease as July approaches!

Today's Health & Diet Tip:Add chickpeas, black beans or garbanzos to your lunch or dinner salad. Beans are great source of protein and fiber.Today's Stress Buster:It is unavoidable that we will all make some big mistakes in our lives. However, if we see it as a learning opportunity we can avoid the associated stress!Today's Meditation:Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy. -- Catherine Rippenger FenwickToday's Wisdom from around the World:Walk till the blood appears on the cheek, but not the sweat on the brow. Spanish Proverb

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